Athlete Tools and Resources

Sunshine Coast Trails website

Check out this awesome website for a guide to all the trails on the Sunshine Coast. Maps, directions, descriptions, and more.

Online Running Log and Maps

Check out this great website: where you can keep a running log, input your running routes on Google maps and more! Route distances are calculated for you, plus elevation maps, and many other cool features. All FREE! You can see other people's running routes too if they're not designated as private. Tip: after creating your free account, go to your profile and set up your default location on the map — then each time you create a new route you'll be starting in your own neighbourhood instead of a map of all of North America.

Check out Halfmoon Bay to see all the routes we've already put in. You can switch to 'hybrid view' which shows the satellite image and the map, handy if you're adding trail portions to your route — often you can actually see the trails and other landmarks!


Run and train safely! It's smart to carry some kind of ID when running, especially alone, but it's not very convenient to carry a driver's license. RoadID makes it easy with options like the shoe tag — and it can include medical alert info. Visit their website to order yours. Don't forget the kids!

Pace Calculator

Use this handy calculator to figure out your training paces for various types of workouts. Plug in a recent race result, or your half marathon goal time, then select 'Calculate appropriate training paces' and voila, you have your recommended pace for 400m, km, and mile, for everything from easy long runs to tempo to speed intervals.

Deep Water Running

deep water running

Injured? Or looking to increase your mileage without getting injured? Deep water running is a great option. The definitive book on Deep Water Exercise/Running is now available, by a friend of Teresa and Larry's. A competitive distance runner and coach for over 26 years, Mike Moon has perfected this training method and it is now explained in detail in his book "Deep Water Exercise for High Performance Sport". It may be purchased online at