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Holiday Hustle 5k/2k, December 8, Sechelt

The weather was MUCH better this year and the Seaside Centre was a terrific venue. Results and photos are posted: see event site. Congrats to overall winners Jordan Wilson (18:21) and Tanya Camposano (22:17).

Canadian Cross Country Championships, November 30, Vancouver

Teresa Larry

It was cold and wet, but not as nasty as 2011. For the masters race at 10am there was only a light misty rain, but it started pouring on and off for the rest of the day, seemingly always at the start of each race! The course got muddier and muddier....

Masters 8k
31:36 Larry Nightingale 10th M45-49 (25th M)
35:49 Teresa Nightingale 5th F45-49 (10th F)
47:24 Helen Sabourin 1st F70-74

Junior Men 8k
30:56 Jordan Wilson

Remembrance Day XC (8k), November 11, Vancouver

Larry took Chat XC team members over to this challenging (hilly) course through Stanley Park, to continue their racing season as Nationals approaches. Club results shown here; also racing were Elliot Wadge and Joshua Desrochers.

31:35 Larry Nightingale 4th M50-54
32:13 Jordan Wilson     1st M16-17

Venice Marathon, October 26, Italy


Congrats to Tammy who overcame some stomach issues to run a very steady paced 3:46 marathon, 21 minutes faster than the last time she ran Venice! Weather was very humid.

3:46:53  Tammy Dean 31/173 F40-44

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5k, October 20, Toronto

Maria and Teresa

Report from Teresa: Maria and I ran this together on a crisp clear morning on the Toronto waterfront with nearly 6500 other participants. In training we had been running very slowly and taking 1 minute walk breaks every 5 or 6 minutes, but on race day Maria just kept going like the Energizer Bunny, throwing in a surge every km or so and keeping a solid pace the rest of the time. In what seemed like hardly any time at all we were at the finish line by City Hall. Great job Maria!

28:34  Maria Nightingale  27/280 F14&U 
28:34  Teresa Nightingale 20/341 F45-49
       (367 & 368 out of 4100 females)

Runner's World Half & Festival, October 18-20, Bethlehem, PA

Litze ran all three distances and got personal bests in two of them! (5k and half) Awesome results!

Elizabeth Boghean:
5k: 27:51 
10k: 58:47 
Half Marathon: 2:07:16

Loon Lake Race, Powell River, October 6

The weather was fantastic for the 18th annual Loon Lake Race (at Inland Lake). Morning fog lifted just before the 13k start, leaving the glassy waters of the lake to reflect brilliant fall sunshine. Temperature was in the 14-17 degree range — perfect. 38 people did the 'wait and see' registration, taking numbers from 71 pre-registered to 109 total on race day. Winners of the out-and-back 7k were Lawrence Behan (30:21) and Dena Collings (34:37). Graham Cocksedge blasted around the 13k route in just 45:13 (course record), while Inge Tholen was first woman and 5th overall in 56:24. Full results are posted here.

Halfmoon Bay Volunteer Fire Department 10k, September 29

Jordan Jordan, Josh, Sean

In the middle of an extremely stormy weekend, we were lucky to have the rain hold off for most of the event. Only the last dozen or so finishers got soaked. Congrats to everyone who ran or walked, thank you for supporting the HBVFD! Overall winner was Kimberley Doerksen in 36:49. Full results on the event web page. Thanks to Clement Desrochers for the photos. More photos on our Facebook page

Club Results:
  38:43  Jordan Wilson      2nd overall, 1st M19-

Run the Rock Marathon, Half, 8k, August 25, Texada Island

Rob Alex

A record 90 participants ran and walked in the 3 events (the 8k was added this year). Sunshine warmed up the marathoners in the last hour but was very pleasant for everyone else. The new 8k event was very popular, and the route was beautiful and fast. Alex got a new PB by several minutes and placed 2nd overall. Larry and Teresa ran the half marathon as a training run with the early start (approx time 1:42) to get to the finish line ahead of everyone and take photos. All results and photos are posted at

33:55  Alex Nightingale  2nd overall

5:07:55 Rob McWilliam

Richmond Olympic Oval 10k, August 18

Suzette Steve Larry

Nice temperature for racing, but still not a super fast course due to the gravel surface for much of it, and a moderate headwind on the way back. Larry surprised himself with his best 10k in some time, feeling great the whole way.

This was the final race of the 2013 Lower Mainland Road Race Series. Larry placed 2nd in the M50-54 category, and Suzette placed 2nd in the F50-54 group.

37:22 Larry Nightingale 5th overall, 1st M50-54
47:56 Steve Merrick     4th M45-49
49:38 Suzette Narbonne  4th F50-54

Blackberry Mile, August 16, Powell River

Teresa Alex Larry

Not the usual hot sunny weather this year. It was nearly a 1 mile swim, it rained so much! Still, 50+ people came out and ran the new downhill course that took us through the festival area in the second half, while the vendors were setting up. Great audience support considering the weather — lots of cheering and clapping. The rain stopped for a while afterwards for early festival-goers, but then started in again with a vengeance. The fireworks were cancelled due to lack of a permit, but with the rain, no one really cared!

Times are approximate based on what people saw on the clock. Distance was exactly 71m less than 1 mile.

2.  4:30 Larry Nightingale
6.  5:01 Alex Nightingale
11. 5:33 Teresa Nightingale
37. 7:31 Maria Nightingale

Four Lakes 10k, August 11, Garden Bay


Our 6th Annual Four Lakes 10k/3k saw a record turn-out of 81 finishers in both events (86 registered, 42 in the 10k, 44 in the 3k)! The weather cooperated nicely with a cool break from the recent hot weather. Results and photos are here

59:03 Litze Boghean  1st F50-59

Squamish Days 10k, August 4

Steve and Suzette were busy racking up more LMRRS points…

47:42 Steve Merrick     6th M45-49
49:16 Suzette Narbonne  2nd F50-54

Sea Cavalcade Mile, Gibsons, July 27


The weather was perfect for a mile race, warm but not really hot, and a bit of a tailwind. A big new PB for Alex again in the mile: 5:11.3 and second place overall! Full results here — over 100 people participated.

Club results:
5:11.3 Alex Nightingale  2nd overall, 2nd M16-19
6:11.8 Steve Merrick     4th M40-49
6:50.4 Suzette Narbonne  1st F50-59
7:33.1 Maria Nightingale 7th F10-12

Summerfast 10k, Vancouver, July 20

LarryPhoto by Leo Lam

Excellent weather for this race, sunny but not scorching hot. It was a little too warm in the first half but once we got past the 6k mark we were in the cool shady side of the seawall, with a light breeze. Alex and Teresa actually ran just over 47 mins (not including a 1 minute pit stop at 5k!). As in the Longest Day race, Teresa went ahead from the 8k mark, and Alex caught up right before the finish line with a terrific sprint. Carl was very pleased with his time in his first 10k of 2013.

It's actually not a really fast course, despite the name. Too many turns on that seawall. But a really fun and well-organized event, with a huge array of home-made goodies from the host club VFAC. This year they sold out at 500, way up from 350 last year.

Carl, Teresa, Alex Steve Suzette Litze

Photos by Keith Dunn: Carl, Teresa, Alex, Steve, Suzette, Elizabeth

Of special note was an incredible breakthrough run by Gibsons' Kimberley Doerksen. She had a whopping 4 minute PB to finish second in 35:22, only 21 seconds behind Natasha Wodak and ahead of a bevy of other elite women. What changed? She found out that she had been anaemic for some time and got it treated, AND started training with VFAC under John Hill, and the combination of those two factors made for a huge improvement for the 22-year-old. Keep an eye on this upcoming talent!

Club Results:
37:53  Larry Nightingale   1st M50-54
46:39  Carl Green          4th M65-69
48:04  Alex Nightingale    7th M19&U (includes 1 min stop)
48:05  Teresa Nightingale  4th F45-49 (includes 1 min stop)
49:06  Steve Merrick      10th M45-49
50:21  Suzette Narbonne    4th F50-54
56:48  Elizabeth Boghean   9th F50-54

Halfmoon Bay Trophy Run 5.4k, July 14

Thanks to Sally Benner for organizing this annual fun run! New 9:30 start time was great to avoid the heat and most of the traffic at the finish area. Also, this was the first year the runners were at the fair in time for the pancake breakfast! All results are posted here as they are not online anywhere else. (We found out that last year's results were lost, and we never got a copy.)

Pl  Time  Name                City           Cat.   Cat Pl
 1  20:04 Larry Nightingale   Halfmoon Bay   M50-59    1
 2  24:19 Alex Nightingale    Halfmoon Bay   M16&U     1
 3  25:49 Greg McCarron       Maple Ridge    M30-39    1
 4  27:42 Guy Hazelton        Sechelt        M50-59    2
 5  27:49 Alexis Hauge        Halfmoon Bay   F20-29    1
 6  28:00 Liz Dilasser        Sechelt        F60-69    1
 7  28:42 Chuck Steemers      Sechelt        M50-59    3
 8= 31:07 Ryan Daley          Halfmoon Bay   M30-39    2
 9= 31:07 Carly Bevan         Halfmoon Bay   F20-29    2
10  31:12 Colleen McCarron    Maple Ridge    F30-39    1
11  31:58 John Jessup         Vancouver      M40-49    1
12  32:36 Susan Blair         Sechelt        F50-59    1
13  32:39 Linda Willesen      Roberts Creek  F50-59    2
14  43:03 Maria Nightingale   Halfmoon Bay   F16&U     1
15  43:03 Teresa Nightingale  Halfmoon Bay   F40-49    1

Sechelt Canada Day Mile, July 1

A pretty good turn-out (28 registrants) for the first time back since 2008 for this event, which will only grow in the coming years. Chatelech Secondary distance star Jordan Wilson took the win in 5:10, with Suzette Narbonne taking the top women's honours in 7:11. Club results:

5:30 Alex Nightingale  3rd M16-19
6:37 Steve Merrick     5th M40-49
7:11 Suzette Narbonne  1st F, 1st F50-59
7:56 Maria Nightingale 2nd F10-12

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k, June 23

Litze Helen

Perfect weather for this one! By 5:30am it was pleasantly mild, with clear skies, but shortly after the 7:30am start, clouds started to move in, which kept the heat away nicely. Smokin' hot times in the elite results, though! And an awesome post-race band. Helen won her age group (as usual!).

2:03:15 Helen Sabourin  1st F70-74
2:13:15 Elizabeth Boghean

North Shore Credit Union Longest Day 5k/10k, June 14, Vancouver

Photos by Charles Mackey

before the start
We weren't the only ones wearing a 5k bib in the 10k: Kevin O'Connor also switched distances (and ended up winning the 10k).

The morning was rainy but the weather cleared up beautifully for this evening race at UBC. We had planned to take the 2:50 ferry over and run the 5k (with Maria doing the kids' mile), but we left it a little too late and ended up missing by minutes (actually they closed the gate more than 5 minutes before actual sailing time, arghh). So we had to get the 4:50 (stupid summer schedule), which of course was 20 minutes late, and with Lions Gate traffic we ended up arriving at UBC just after the 5k had started. Maria didn't mind missing the kids' mile as she had Sports Day that morning (and we'd already run at least 800m from the parking lot), but the rest of us wanted to run somehow. The helpful folks at packet pickup asked if we would like to switch to the 10k which started 20 mins after the 5k, and we thought why not — and we'd all run it together to help Alex in his first ever 10k. THEN pig out at the BBQ.

at halfway
Approaching halfway

This year the course direction was reversed due to construction at 16th and East Mall, limiting passage to the small pedestrian path — which was fine for a spread-out field at the end of the loop but wouldn't have worked for large crowds at the start. There were also several little out and back and loopy bits through campus which added more turns, slowing down the speedy types but not an issue for everyone else. The temperature was very pleasant in the evening sun, with no noticeable wind, beautiful shady areas, and some nice long flat sections. After a 4:35 first km, we settled into a pace that Alex could work at and maintain for the longer distance, with the goal to 'pick it up in the 2nd half'. At the end of the first loop, after climbing the hill at the bottom of 16th Avenue and the super steep little connection to the pedestrian path at the top, Alex didn't think he'd be able to go any faster in the second half. We crossed the 5k checkpoint at 23:30.

Alex and Larry sprinting past Teresa to the finish Teresa
Alex & Larry flew past me with about 80m to go. All I could do was laugh and do my best to trail in behind them.

With less than 2k to go I told Alex and Larry I was going to speed up and put some distance between us, knowing that over the last 400m I'd have no chance to keep up with Alex's sprint. So off I went, checking behind at the corners to see how much lead I had, trying to gauge if it would be enough, but not too much. Flying downhill on Stadium Road they were coming on strong and I realized my pacing was a little off… just as I crested the final little hill on the grass approach to the finish line, a little too soon, they blew past me like rockets. We all ended up negative splitting, excellent for Alex's first ever 10k. Even though the race awards were based on very broad age groups, they have posted 5 year division results, and Alex was 3rd in the 16-19 grouping, only 9 seconds behind 2nd place. And 4th place was only 12 seconds behind Alex.

Fellow club members Steve & Suzette raced the 5k with excellent times around 23 minutes, and Suzette was 2nd among women 50-54.

22:57  Steve Merrick     13th M45-49
23:44  Suzette Narbonne   2nd F50-54
46:19  Alex Nightingale   3rd M16-19
46:20  Larry Nightingale  4th M50-54
46:23  Teresa Nightingale 2nd F45-49

Running Room Shaughnessy 8k, May 26, Vancouver

Alex Larry

As always this was a challenging course with that big hill at the beginning and two more hills mid-race. The conditions were excellent this year, cool and dry. This was Alex's first 8k. Photos by Keith Dunn. Videos on YouTube

30:42  Larry Nightingale  3rd M50-54
37:38  Alex Nightingale   7th M<20

Iron Knee 25km, May 26, North Vancouver


Roger's Report: One of my favourite Lower mainland races is the Iron Knee 25km event which was held on Sunday in North Van, great running conditions at about 14 degrees with really good trail conditions this year — dryish and fast. Some years it is a mud bath which can make the very rooty and rocky sections extremely treacherous (i.e. lots of wipe outs).

Have a look at the race profile, a real mountain running challenge this course! Starts with about 5km of steady climbing, this is an old profile that misses the first kilometre that has been added the past two years to bring the distance to 25kms, it now goes straight up from Cleveland Park to Grouse base when it eases off slightly before the bigger climbs to come.

Unusual age divisions this year — Under 40, 40-49 and Over 50 — so I was competing against a lot of "young" 50-year-olds but still made the podium (2nd).

2:18:48  Roger Handling  2nd M50+ (out of 20)

BMO Vancouver Marathon & Half, May 5

Litze Helen

Probably one of the warmest Vancouver Marathons ever: by 5am it was already 16 degrees, and it only got warmer from there, with full sunshine and very little wind. A nice day for spectators but tough for the full marathoners who started 1 hour after the halfers. Didn't seem to bother Helen though — she ran nearly as fast as she would have in Boston if she'd been allowed to finish, handily winning her age group (out of 6).

4:45:08 Helen Sabourin   1st F70-74
5:02:35 Litze Boghean 

Half Marathon:
1:49:52 Suzette Narbonne
1:51:13 Steve Merrick 

Vancouver Sun Run 10k, April 21

Super nice sunny morning and lots of Coasters were running or walking. Club results:

1:06:54  Debra MacWilliam
1:26:17  Elizabeth Boghean

BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run, April 7, Gibsons


For race report see race website. Here are the club results, congrats to everyone. Welcome to new club member Reece Taylor, for whom this was his first organized race!

1:47:48  Reece Taylor
1:50:44  Steve Merrick
1:52:07  Suzette Narbonne  4th F50-54
2:07:07  Janet Harrison
2:23:37  Litze Boghean
2:26:29  Shaunna Asselstine

Spring Run-Off Vancouver 8k, March 24

1:03:20  Litze Boghean

BMO St. Patrick's Day 5k, Vancouver, March 16

As always, a great race followed by a fun party with lots of food, drink and costumes! Alex beat his mum for the first time, after running together for 4.6km, then blasting up the finishing hill and putting nearly 30s between them!

18:15  Larry Nightingale   4th M50-54
22:49  Alex Nightingale   19th M<20
23:17  Teresa Nightingale  7th F45-49
23:35  Steve Merrick      19th M45-49
24:36  Suzette Narbonne    6th F50-54

BC 5k Championships at BMO St. Patrick's Day 5k

Teresa Nightingale 2nd F45-49
Steve Merrick      4th M45-49
Suzette Narbonne   5th F50-54
Larry Nightingale  4th M50-54

Dave Reed Spring Classic 5k, Vancouver, March 2

18:32  Larry Nightingale   3rd M50-54
23:18  Steve Merrick       8th M45-49
24:31  Suzette Narbonne    4th F50-54

BC Half Marathon Championships at "First Half" Half Marathon, Vancouver, February 10

2:04:24  Helen Sabourin    1st F70-74
2:22:22  Elizabeth Boghean 6th F45-49

Ice-Breaker 8k, Steveston, January 27

30:44  Larry Nightingale  3rd M45-49