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Holiday Hustle 5k, Sechelt, December 9

Despite a cold wet morning, 85 people signed up for the inaugural Holiday Hustle 5k & 2k, a fundraiser for the Chatelech Band Hawaii Tour 2013 and the Elves Club Christmas Hampers. Thanks to the work of many volunteers, everyone had a great time and enjoyed a fabulous spread of post-race goodies, live music by the Chat Jazz Band, and a large number of valuable draw prizes donated by local merchants and individuals. For full results see the event website here.

Club results:
10. 23:49 Rick Raymond
21. 27:26 Janet Dickensen (Harrison)
34. 30:12 Helen Sabourin
45. 33:26 Debra MacWilliam

Gunner Shaw Memorial XC, Vancouver, December 1

Alex Larry Helen

With all the recent rain, the 'puddle from hell' was the biggest we've seen it in years! More like a lake! The course had some changes in the middle due to landscape construction along the waterfront, eliminating the first sandy portion behind the sailing club. The trails and grass were very wet and muddy as usual, and the creek crossing was very deep and typically stinky! The steep downhill in the middle was super slippery (ask Larry). And it was pouring rain from about 10am to mid-way through the race. See all the photos

Alex ran just over a minute faster than last year even with the much wetter course. Larry had to jog most of the way after his hip problem flared up again. Helen as usual won her division and beat many younger competitors! John Atkinson overcame an aversion to puddles and finished 2nd in the M35-39 group with a speedy 37:52. Ian Wall from Garden Bay enjoyed racing this one for the first time (sure picked a good year).

22:48 Alex Nightingale   3rd M14-15
42:41 Larry Nightingale  7th M45-49
1:00:09 Helen Sabourin   1st F70-74

Vancouver Historic Half, November 25

2:20:54 Elizabeth Boghean 27th F40-49

Canadian National X-Country Championships, November 24, Vancouver


Great conditions this year: sunny, no wind, not too cold. Course was in good shape for the early races, with only a couple of muddy patches to splash through. Too bad the women's field was so much smaller than last year.... Photo by Leo Lam.

Masters 8k
33:14 Teresa Nightingale  1st F45-49 (5th Mast-F)

Community 5k
22:00 Alex Nightingale 27th HS Boys

James Cunningham Seawall Race 5.9mi, October 28, Vancouver

58:37 Frank McKenna  3rd M75+

BC Cross Country Championships, October 27, Abbotsford

You'd never know there was ever a drought this fall… it was raining hard before the masters race at 10:45am, easing up and stopping by about halfway, but then shortly after the finish it came back with a vengeance, turning into sleet! But the course was on firm ground, surface puddles only. Mostly flat with only 2 hills, one small, one not so small. Soon to be SCA member John Atkinson was introduced to the joys of the 6:20 ferry on race morning, and fared well, finishing 7th overall and first in the 35-39 division.

Masters 8k
32:11 Larry Nightingale  7th M45-49
35:16 Teresa Nightingale 1st F45-49, 3rd F Master 40+

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 14

Larry Teresa

It was raining steadily at the start but quite warm, and the rain stopped after about 30 minutes. The nasty wind that was forecast died down to 15 km/hr, not really a factor. The new course was great! Larry was running well until just before halfway, when his sore hip started acting up and he had to slow down significantly. He considered dropping out but decided to finish, albeit slowly, after travelling all that way. In the half marathon, Teresa wasn't feeling very smooth for the first 8k or so, but started to feel more normal by 10-11k. By the 13k turnaround she was able to really start racing and passed loads of people all the way to the finish, ending up with a 2nd place medal in the F45-49 age group.

(chip times)
3:03:15  Larry Nightingale  7th M45-49

1:31:16  Teresa Nightingale 2nd F45-49

Hope Alive 5k, October 14, Gibsons

Despite the heavy rains, there were 30 enthusiastic athletes to inspire and celebrate community fitness. All proceeds were donated to Chiropractors with Compassion, an organization that funds feeding and schooling programs in Africa and the Dominican Republic. New resident runner John Atkinson made it two for two, finishing first in 17:31.

Club results:
19:17 Carl Green    2nd overall
29:51 Litze Boghean 7th woman

Granville Island Turkey Trot 10k, October 8

1:11:15  Elizabeth Boghean

Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, October 7

Unsually warm weather for this year's edition. Quite a few coasters went over to run in the 8k, half and marathon. Frank shattered his 2011 event record for Men 80-84 by more than 30 minutes!

4:06:21  Carl Green      16th M60-64
4:31:58  Frank McKenna   1st  M80-84
4:32:12  Helen Sabourin  1st  F70-74

  33:13  Etta Degnan     2nd  F16-19

Sechelt Fall Tune-Up XC, October 6

Beautiful sunny morning at the beach in Porpoise Bay Park! Larry's time might have been a little faster except he had to stop and fix every sign on the first lap — some idiot was going around the park reversing them all! Real nice…. New Coast resident and future SCA member John Atkinson was the overall winner by 2 seconds after a sprint for the line. Thanks to club members Rick Raymond and Janet Harrison for volunteering!

4km Boys 15-17
17:11 Alex Nightingale   2nd

6km Open/Masters
22:31 Larry Nightingale  1st M45-49
38:17 Elizabeth Boghean  2nd F45-49

Halfmoon Bay Fire Department 10k, September 30


Awesome turnout for the inaugural event! Nearly 200 registered; 90 finishers in the run (10am start) and 68 in the walk (9am start). Weather was great and there was plenty of food at the finish (BBQ). Age group and overall awards are very nice too! Full results can be found here. Justin Samson photo (Coast Reporter).

Club results: Run
 43:38  Teresa Nightingale  1st F, 5th overall
 44:14  Lisa Morrow         2nd F, 7th overall
 48:55  Lorne Morrow        5th M50-59
 48:57  Rick Raymond        4th M40-49
1:35:54 Elizabeth Boghean

Crescent Park XC, September 29, South Surrey

Larry raced this one while recovering from that cold that's going around. Distance was 7.85km, three times around the park trails and fields (a bit different from previous years' courses).

 30:29  Larry Nightingale   2nd M40-49

5 Peaks Buntzen Lake, September 29, Anmore

Enduro 15 km
1:38:32  Roger Handling  3rd M50-59

Loon Lake Race, September 23, Powell River

Larry and Teresa

Great conditions this year, mostly sunny, calm, just right! Alex and Maria did the 13k bike and were both first in their gender divisions (Alex 1st overall). Larry and I ran a 13k 'warm up' loop in 1:01:20, then did the race after a 2-3 minute breather (we left it a bit close when starting early!). Rick had a very solid run. Nice turnout with over 100 participants.

13k Bike:
  38:39  Alex Nightingale   1st Overall
  55:16  Maria Nightingale  1st Female

13k Run:
  49:11  Larry Nightingale  1st Overall
  58:04  Teresa Nightingale 1st Female
1:06:32  Rick Raymond       13th Male

Larry Teresa Rick Alex and Maria

Pinetree XC, September 15, Coquitlam

Larry Alex Maria

Awesome September sunshine made this a very pleasant outing in Mundy Park with its beautifully smooth trails. Larry and Alex were in the 10am race which included masters and open men (8k), and 16-19 boys (5k). Maria's race was at 11:45 with all the 9-11 year old boys and girls (2.5k). Distances are all slightly less than indicated.

Men 45-49 ~8k
1. Larry Nightingale 29:14

Boys 1995-1996 ~5k
7. Alex Nightingale 22:44

Girls 2001 ~2.5k
12. Maria Nightingale 12:17

Run the Rock Marathon & Half, August 26, Texada Island

Shelter Point

This was an awesome experience! Our first time on Texada, and we fell in love with it immediately. So much so that we're planning to move there in about 7 years, after the kids have finished school and are moved out. Imagine miles and miles of forest trails and logging roads with no predators — that's right, no danger of attack by bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, or even poisonous snakes or skunks! (just little black-tailed deer everywhere) Would make an awesome running camp location....

Ravenous Raven

Anyway about the race weekend... weather was perfect, not too warm, but warm enough for swimming in the local quarry — a surprisingly large lake with crystal clear turquoise waters, shallow entry area, island to swim around. Dinner was at the Ravenous Raven in Gillies Bay — terrific food, reasonable prices, large portions, great West Coast decor and relaxed atmosphere. Shelter Point Provincial Park has very nice campsites, concession, showers, beach, fields, trails. We camped on race director Rob McWilliam's back lawn overlooking the ocean, in Gillies Bay.

Race day: Larry and I ran the half marathon but started at 8:30 with the walkers so I could be at the finish in time to take photos of everyone. We were running it as a tempo workout, so we didn't warm up before the start — the first few kms would take care of that. Running a loop around Van Anda (location of the half start), there were bunches of volunteers at every corner, all cheering us on — in fact there were more volunteers than participants, in total! Great community support and spirit.

The first 7km were a challenging mix of paved road and dirt/rocky road with large roller coaster hills, and my left Achilles was still tender since acting up the previous week, so I had to take it easy and sort of shuffle up the hills — but once we got back on the main road towards Gilles Bay, we started to really fly... gradual downhill or flat, only a few small uphills in the remaining 14km. Larry's GPS said we were hitting 6:45/mile, plus or minus 15 seconds. But it felt comfortable. The original plan was that Larry would take off in the last 10k and run his own workout pace, but I ended up going fast enough that he didn't have to.

The marathoners had started at 7:00 (90 min head start), so we figured the leader(s) might catch us. The first marathoner was visible behind us just after we got to the fast road section — a few kms later we started to notice there were 2 of them, very gradually catching up to us. If I hadn't stopped for a quick bathroom break at the junction we'd have been more than a minute further ahead — the porta potty (in a park) was about 100m from the road! — but we weren't racing so we didn't stress about it, stopped to drink at water stations...

Closer to Gillies Bay there's a little foray on side roads to add distance, and it was not long after we finished that and were back on the main road that the leader caught and passed us. It was Keith Wakelin, and he'd left the other runner, a 17 year old, behind. Keith was moving smoothly and looking very strong. He had put a little distance between us by the time we got to Gillies Bay, but in the final 4km there's a gentle "up and over" gradient — not an issue when you're feeling fresh finishing a half marathon tempo workout, but something altogether different at 38-40km of the marathon! So, Larry and I started to catch up again — the gap was closing. (The 17 year old, Ross Waters, had dropped out of sight not long after Keith passed us, ending up 5 mins back.) But we didn't want to actually catch up and pass Keith as it was his marathon win, so we relaxed a bit and stayed about 50m back.

Keith's time was 3:08 (bettering his record from last year by about 10 minutes); our half time was 1:37 including the bathroom stop and water stops... more like 1:35 run time. Very satisfying workout. Of course, I had to ask Keith to run through the finish again for a photo... got pics of everyone else though.

Club results: Half Marathon
1:40:15 Lisa Morrow   1st female
1:48:15 Lorne Morrow
2:13:15 Sally Evans 

Lisa Lorne Sally

5 Peaks, August 25, Whistler

Enduro 10.6km:
1:18:18  Roger Handling  3rd M50-59

Richmond Olympic Oval 10k, August 19 / Lower Mainland Road Race Series

Larry Teresa

The speed benefits of an unexpectedly cool day were tempered by a headwind on the return portion of this out and back course, and the gravel surface of the dike.

38:38  Larry Nightingale  3rd M45-49

This was the final race of the Lower Mainland Road Race Series. Final standings after all 11 races:

Teresa Nightingale  2nd F45-49
           131 points, 5 races

Blackberry Mile, August 17, Powell River

Larry Teresa and Alex Alex Maria

Even hotter than last year! Fast and fun mile had 47 finishers and a fabulous evening afterwards at the Blackberry Festival (street festival and fireworks). Larry was second following last year's winner from New York. Teresa defended her 2011 title and nabbed $100 again, barely holding off a fast-closing Alex who earned a 1s personal best. Maria was 10th female, bettering her Sea Cavalcade Mile time by 4 seconds.

 2. 5:07 Larry Nightingale
 5. 5:41 Teresa Nightingale (1st F)
 6. 5:42 Alex Nightingale
21. 7:58 Maria Nightingale (10th F)

Four Lakes 10k & 3k, August 12, Garden Bay

Ian Wall and Paul Munro

The fifth annual Four Lakes 10k & 3k saw a record turn-out of 60 participants on a perfect summer morning at Katherine Lake Park.

Garden Bay resident Ian Wall, who lives right on the course near Hotel Lake, was the overall winner by a comfortable margin after pulling away from Sechelt's Paul Munro over the final couple of kilometres. Munro hung onto second place ahead of fast-closing Meghan Molnar of Gibsons (overall female winner) and Gordon Flett of Vancouver.

Etta Degnan

Finishing second among the women and fifth overall was 18-year-old Etta Degnan of Gibsons, who was also second in this year's Sea Cavalcade Mile. Less than half a minute behind Degnan was third-place woman Celia Clare of Roberts Creek.

Masters dominated the results as half of the top 10 finishers were over 50 years of age.

Dave Montgomery

The 3k marked a significant milestone for David Montgomery of Vancouver — his first organized run since collapsing during the final metres of the 2012 BMO April Fool's Run. BC First Aid's Kellei Baker, who was part of the team who performed CPR on David on April 1st, was in attendance at the Four Lakes run — but fortunately was not needed this time. When asked how he felt after the 3k, Montgomery responded “a lot better than the last one!”

After the run, many participants enjoyed a cooling swim in Katherine Lake before feasting on home-baked goodies and fresh fruit. Age group winners were rewarded with one of a kind carved wooden medals suspended on colourful hemp string with beads, and two dozen draw prizes were given away.

The organizers look forward to seeing everyone at the lake again next year for the 6th annual event.

Club results:
45:49  Etta Degnan    2nd Female, 1st F19&U

Squamish Days 10k, August 5

It was very HOT (high of 33°C) but not quite as humid as some years.

39:13  Larry Nightingale  3rd M45-49
41:55  Teresa Nightingale 1st F45-49
45:40  Carl Green         1st M60-64

Sea Cavalcade Mile, July 28, Gibsons

Record turnout of 101 finishers! (nearly double last year) Here are the club results:

5:43  Alex Nightingale  7th overall, 1st M13-15
5:44  Etta Degnan       8th overall, 2nd Female
8:02  Maria Nightingale 4th F10-12

Summerfast 10k, July 21, Vancouver

41:32  Teresa Nightingale  1st F45-49

Canadian & NACAC Mountain Running Champs, July 21, West Van

1:34:06  Roger Handling  2nd M50-59

Halfmoon Bay Trophy Run, July 15

Full results were lost by organizer, here's all we have (club results in bold):

1. 21:11 Mackenzie Mitson
2. 21:40 Teresa Nightingale
3. 24:45 Rick Raymond
4. 25:14 Ryan Daley
5. 26:15 Alex Nightingale

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, June 24

1:44:17  Teresa Nightingale (1:45 pacer)
1:45:06  Rick Raymond
1:58:11  Helen Sabourin (1st 70+ by 43 minutes!)
2:18:13  Elizabeth Boghean

Spirit Run Half Marathon, June 3, Powell River

1:50:xx  Sally Evans 

Abbotsford Run for Water Marathon, May 27

Carl won the M60+ division and felt great until very close to the end (about 38k).

3:38:37 Carl Green   1st M60+

Running Room Shaughnessy 8k, May 27, Vancouver

Teresa Larry

Cool conditions were welcome for this challenging course, which also served as the 2012 BC 8k Championships. Larry started off slowly, waiting to see how a sore hip was feeling before deciding it was good to go, then racing Steve Mattina to the finish. Teresa found herself in no man's land in the second lap (big gaps ahead and behind) which made maintaining pace difficult, but still managed to cut 23 seconds off her time from Harry's Spring Run-Off in March. Helen dominated the 70-74 competition as usual!

Photos by Rick Horne.

29:28 Larry Nightingale  2nd M45-49
32:53 Teresa Nightingale 1st F45-49, 2nd F-MAST
44:13 Helen Sabourin     1st F70-74

Iron Knee Trail Run 25km, May 27, North Vancouver

Roger reports: "The race was great, the interval training has made a huge difference to my perceived effort on these long runs. I was really fresh at the finish, ran a PB of 4 mins for the course (25km 2:12:06), finished 27th overall (up 15 places from last year) but finished second in my age group. I could certainly have gone faster as my freshness at the end attests... Nevertheless I was really pleased with the way things went."

2:12:07 Roger Handling  2nd M50-59

Prudential Sussex May Day Fun Run 3.9k, May 19, Madeira Park

Perfect weather this year! Sunny but not too warm. It was a first-time Nightingale 1-2-3 sweep as Alex took third place ahead of William Jans, much to William's surprise (and ours). Tons of great prizes were given away. A yummy breakfast afterwards then parade-watching and festival-strolling made for a perfect May Day.

1. 14:04 Larry Nightingale  1st M46+
2. 15:41 Teresa Nightingale 1st F46+
3. 17:06 Alex Nightingale   1st M13-18

Mother's Day 5k Spring Classic, May 13, Port Moody

Teresa Larry

Beautiful summery day for this fun event! The Nightingales were the only club members to participate... Alex got a new road 5k PB and would have been a minute faster if not for an unplanned pit stop near the end. Teresa & Alex were 3rd in a very competitive Mother/Child Division (only 11 seconds between average times of 1st and 3rd teams!).

(chip times here)
17:51  Larry Nightingale  3rd M45-49
19:58  Teresa Nightingale 3rd F45-49
23:50  Alex Nightingale   7th M19&U

BMO Vancouver Marathon & Half, May 6

Perfect weather and enthusiastically received new courses made for a fantastic event! Congrats to everyone! Of note, our course record holder for the BMO Fool's Run, Ryan Day, finished 3rd overall in the marathon, and 2-time winner and this year's 2nd place Fool's Runner Graeme Wilson was 4th/1st master, right behind Ryan! Our 2012 winners fared well: David Palermo was 7th in the marathon and Lisa Brooking was 6th female; plus our race announcer David Jackson was 4th in the half!

3:58:17  Rick Raymond  

Half Marathon:
1:58:56  Helen Sabourin (1st in F70+)
2:01:45  Sally Evans (10 min PB)
2:07:22  Dave Bromley
2:11:01  Francis McKenna
2:38:22  Elizabeth Boghean

Vancouver Sun Run 10k, April 15

A bit chilly and breezy this year but lots of fun as always. Great to see the updated interior of BC Place Stadium — the jumbo screen was amazing!

  41:40  Teresa Nightingale
1:22:57  Elizabeth Boghean

BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run, April 1

Snowy morning turned to glorious sunshine and everyone seemed to love the new finish in Mission Point Park. Congrats to everyone!

1:44:42  Rick Raymond
2:01:10  Helen Sabourin
2:11:40  Sally Evans
2:16:35  Shaunna Asselstine
2:37:51  Elizabeth Boghean

Harry's Spring Run-Off 8k, March 25, Vancouver

Super nice sunny day! Great new course around the seawall in the opposite direction from before. Excellent new location at the miniature railway yard and surrounding area.

  33:16  Teresa Nightingale  2nd F45-49
1:04:35  Elizabeth Boghean

St. Patrick's Day 5k, March 17, Vancouver

Sold out at 1500, great costumes and after party, in new location at Stanley Park Pavilion! The course was tougher, with the last km nearly all uphill. But the Irish stew and mint chocolate scones and beer afterwards made us forget that pretty quickly.

20:43  Teresa Nightingale  3rd F45-49

"First Half" Half Marathon (BC Championships), February 12, Vancouver

2:01:05  Helen Sabourin  1st F70+

Tour de Trail 5k/10k, February 12, Powell River

Hardly any rain but it was muddy nonetheless! Lots of puddle jumping (or sloshing, depending on your preference). We probably all ran about 10.5k by avoiding the many larger puddles. Great turnout and post-run pancake breakfast. Thanks to Lorne and Lisa and the gang at AVID for putting this on again!

Larry Nightingale  1st overall
Teresa Nightingale 1st female, 5th overall
Alex Nightingale   5th overall