Archived News: 2008

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Gunner Shaw XC, December 6th

Club Team participation was great with 11 club members racing! The weather was quite good, little to no rain, no wind, about 8 degrees - comfortable for shorts. Lots of MUD but the puddle was fairly shallow and not TOO long, and not too cold. Definitely an advantage to wear spikes on this one. The after-party wasn't as good as previous years (ran out of food) but 3 of us did win draw prizes and the entry fee was still just $10. And it was great to get a shower and rinse the mud off! Full results: 10k; 5k. Click group photo to enlarge.

11.   37:43   Larry Nightingale   1st M45-49
63.   43:19   Teresa Nightingale  1st F40-44
74.   44:56   Roger Handling      2nd M55-59
94.   47:50   Charles Steemers   12th M50-54
140.  55:20   Liz Dilasser        1st F60-64
142.  55:44   Susan Blair         5th F45-49
146.  58:07   Helen Sabourin      1st F65-69
150.  59:34   Elisa Jardine       5th F35-39
159.  62:48   Linda Willesen      5th F50-54
167.  67:55   Lindsay Hatloe      7th F40-44

16.   28:00   Tammy Dean (injured so did 5k - 1 loop)

Photos by Linda Wong:

Larry Larry Roger Liz

Liz Susan and Tammy Susan and Tammy

Elisa Elisa Helen Lindsay

Linda Larry Larry's legs (right) Teresa

Teresa Roger Chuck

Christmas party

Below: a bunch of club members attended the Arbutus Sounds Christmas Party, Dec 2

club members at chorus party
(click to enlarge)

New Balance Fall Classic, November 16th

Not all of us who wanted to do this one were able to, but a few made the trip and ran well! Note: if you check the official results you'll see Liz's name but she actually gave her entry to Norma Bond, so that's Norma's result.

Half Marathon:
2:02:31  Helen Sabourin    1st   F6069
2:33:10  Elizabeth Boghean 105th F4049

54:03    Susan Blair       23rd  F4049

Remembrance Day Masters Cross Country 8k, November 11th

The rain wasn't too heavy but the ground was sure soaked! The Stanley Park trails were fine but the sections on grass were very squishy and muddy/slippery. Norma's first muddy race! A challenging course with some tough uphills and downhills in the middle. Good XC fun followed by free pizza and beer, and hot showers.... We and others suspect the course was a bit shy of 8k, judging by the times under those conditions. I wasn't going THAT fast!

 3. 28:05  Larry Nightingale  2nd M45-49
17. 32:32  Teresa Nightingale 2nd F40-44, 3rd master female overall
56. 49:28  Susan Blair        4th F45-49
58. 50:26  Norma Bond         1st F65-69

Team Competition:
2. Sunshine Coast Athletics  
   2    3    8  (12)      =    13
   Larry Nightingale, Teresa Nightingale, Norma Bond, Susan Blair

James Cunningham Seawall Race 9.5k, October 26th

With the 6:20am Sunday ferry reinstated, some locals (besides club members) were able to get to this event. Others originally wanted to but didn't register early because of the ferry cuts, and made other plans for that day. The weather was gorgeous, cold and crisp but lots of sunshine which warmed us up on most of the route. No wind. Lots of great costumes!

Women's team

Note from Teresa: I was just doing this one to get in a Sunday morning run, following the XC champs — I was staying overnight Saturday for a Sunday afternoon meeting. When signing up I was recruited to run for a women's team from Bellingham who needed 1 more runner after a last-minute scratch. We ended up being the 1st place women's team, with 5 of us finishing within 30 seconds of one another, and I made 7 new friends who will probably do the 2009 April Fool's Run! See photo (click to enlarge), we had a blast!

Chip times:
44:32  Teresa Nightingale   7th  F40-44 
52:25  Helen Sabourin       3rd  F65-69

Women's Non-Corporate Team Competition:
1st: "Plumbug Runners with Wings" (Bellingham, WA)
    (Christy FAZIO, Lindsay MANN-KING, Lora OLINGER, Kara MILLHOLLIN, 

BC Provincial Cross Country Championships, October 25th

This was also event #5 in the Lower Mainland XC Series. Beautiful fall day in Stanley Park (Brockton) with all the trees in full colour, mix of clouds and sunshine, mild, very little wind. The course was a 2km loop with about 2/3 on grass, 1/3 hilly trail. There were a lot of participants in all events from kids to masters, very festive. Other Sunshine Coasters who competed were Jessica Marquis in the Girls 15 4km (4th), Shaun Stephens-Whale running for UBC in the Senior Men's 10km, and Eric Leinberger in the Masters Men.

Larry Chuck Teresa - photo by Tony Austin Linda and Sue

Masters Women 6km (age 35+)
 8. 26:04  Teresa Nightingale
23. 34:10  Susan Blair
24. 40:32  Linda Willesen

Masters Men 8km (age 35+)
 9. 30:29  Larry Nightingale
29. 37:23  Charles Steemers

Sechelt Fall Tune-Up, October 19th

Our own event right here in Porpoise Bay Park. Great day weather-wise, couldn't have been better.

Alex Larry Teresa Chuck Dave

Boys 11-12 2.6km
 6. 14:11  Alex Nightingale   3rd M11-12

Jr/Open/Masters 6km
 1. 22:16  Larry Nightingale  1st M45-49
 3. 25:02  Teresa Nightingale 1st F40-44
 7. 27:22  Charles Steemers   2nd M50-54     
 9= 36:08  Dave Bromley       1st M55-59

Granville Island Turkey Trot 10k, October 13th

A whole bunch of coasters went over for this one too. Club results listed here.

Chip times:
45:33   Charles STEEMERS   10th  M5059
52:56   Liz DILASSER        1st  F6069  
55:35   Susan BLAIR        42nd  F4049  
56:17   Lexa POMFRET       62nd  F4049
1:05:13 Linda WILLESEN     88th  F5059
1:06:48 Elizabeth BOGHEAN 182nd  F4049 
1:09:39 Pamela KNOWLES     99th  F5059

Royal Victoria Marathon, October 12th

Some excellent results by club members. Both Carl and Helen qualified for Boston with their times. There were lots of other locals who ran as well.

Chip times:
3:40:25  Carl Green       12th M60-64
4:16:36  Helen Sabourin    2nd F65-69

Crescent Park Cross Country, South Surrey, October 4th

Event #3 of the LMXC Series. It was supposed to rain but we had beautiful weather. Cloudy and calm, nice temperature, and the sun came out later on (unlike the rain back at home - opposite from the Pinetree race!). This race started out with some comedy. We were directed the wrong way by marshals after about 200m and found ourselves near the end of the loop almost right away! We all stopped and decided to re-start. You'd think that would be it. But guess what - we were directed wrong AGAIN! This time on a different turn slightly past the first one, putting us back where we were before. This time we decided to just keep going back through the start area and hope for better luck on loop 2 (of 4) - Larry had to kick some cones out of the way to clear the correct path. I knew both times as soon as we were off course but since I wasn't leading the race, there wasn't much I could do about it! Anyway the rest of the race was fine, but instead of 8.2k we probably raced about 7.5k. At least I can't compare my time to last year's (and that's a good thing).

One nice bonus - 3 of us won draw prizes - myself a $50 GC from Peninsula Runners and Liz and Susan got steel water bottles.

Crescent Park XC Maria Alex

Maria and Alex both got to run this time in the later kids events organized by Ocean Athletics, with over 400 kids participating from elementary to high school. Maria's race was 1.1km with 32 six-to-eight year olds racing around the loop. Alex's race was 2.1km for boys and girls born in 1996. He was 10th out of 10 but only 11 seconds behind the 9th place finisher (not far back from 8th). A little too short a distance for Alex.

Open/Masters approx 7.5k
 2. 27:54  Larry Nightingale     2nd M40-49
22. 32:10  Teresa Nightingale    1st F40-49
46. 39:20  Liz Dilasser          1st F60+
48. 40:57  Susan Blair           5th F40-49

Track Rascals 2000-2002 Boys & Girls 1.1km
26. 6:23   Maria Nightingale
1996 Boys 2.1km
10. 9:02   Alex Nightingale

Skookumchuck Narrows, September 21st

A small group of us had a beautiful run on the Skookumchuck Trail Sunday morning September 21st. It was a glorious fall day with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures, and lots of kayakers to watch in the rapids.

at Skookumchuck Narrows
Photo taken by Alex Nightingale

Pinetree Classic Cross Country, Coquitlam, September 20th

First event of the 2008 Lower Mainland Series. We got the club points off to a decent start with some top placings in the masters division! It was raining before and after the adult race, pouring for the kids races, but a great turn-out despite that. Men's race was ~8k, women's was ~5k (all starting together). Alex Nightingale ran 2.5k in the Juvenile Development race, with nearly 100 kids (boys and girls) on the starting line.

8k:    6. 28:43  Larry Nightingale    1st M45-49
5k:    7. 19:53  Teresa Nightingale   2nd F40-44
5k:   17. 26:31  Susan Blair          2nd F45-49
2.5k: 49. 11:04  Alex Nightingale     7th 1996 Boys

Four Lakes 10k, Garden Bay, August 24th

A successful first year for this very scenic 10k, despite wind and some rain. It was nice and warm though. We had 23 registrants/finishers including 7 from off-coast. Thanks to all who participated and volunteered!

Club results:
 2.    46:47.2  Charles Steemers  1st M50-59
 8.    53:36.9  Liz Dilasser      1st F60-69
21.  1:14:48.9  Amanda List       1st F50-59

Full results here

Sea Cavalcade Mile, July 26th

Big thanks to Karen, Chuck and Carl for volunteering at the mile! We would have liked to see more club members actually running it... besides me and Alex...

5:57  Teresa Nightingale  F40-49  2nd
7:24  Alex Nightingale    M10-12  3rd

Full results plus photos at

Halfmoon Bay Trophy Run 5.4km, July 20th

We are posting full results here as there is no website for this event. Club members shown in bold. The weather was sunny and warm, a bit hot in sections of the course but the shady portions were nice!

start Frank Alex

1.  17:54  Shaun Stephens-Whale Roberts Creek  M13+
2.  23:03  Teresa Nightingale   Halfmoon Bay   F40+
3.  24:12  Corina Bennett       Calgary AB     F30+
4.  26:52  Griffin Troup        Halfmoon Bay   M13+
5.  27:30  Alec Troup           Halfmoon Bay   M40+
6.  29:35  Fred Langston        Steveston      M60+
7.  31:33  Frank McKenna        Halfmoon Bay   M70+
8.  32:46  Colton Bennett       Calgary AB     M13+
9.  32:52  Hamish Troup         Halfmoon Bay   M12&U
10. 34:51  Alex Nightingale     Halfmoon Bay   M12&U
11. 37:11  Braydon Bennett      Calgary AB     M12&U
12. 39:18  John Stevenson       Halfmoon Bay   M75+

Summerfast 10k, Vancouver, July 19th

Three club members took part in this popular summertime 10k around the Stanley Park seawall. The day was sunny but not too hot, especially at 8:00am when the race started.

42:40 Carl Green      1st M60-64
53:36 Lexa Pomfret    9th F45-49
53:41 Helen Sabourin  1st F65-69

Sechelt Canada Day Mile, July 1st

Lexa Pomfret

Temperature was perfect for racing, not too hot. A bit breezy. Not a bad turnout considering advertising was practically nil this year! Congrats to Lexa, first woman to finish! (photo at right by Ian Jacques, Coast Reporter)

Ov'll  Time   Name              Cat/Place
 6    6:54.0  Lexa Pomfret      F40-49  1
15    7:56.5  Alex Nightingale  M10-12  2
17    8:21.4  Edith Troup       F40-49  2

Full results and more photos are here.

Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon Cruise, June 22nd-29th

Read full version of Teresa's story from Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon Cruise!

Here are the results:

Name    2-Mile  pace   Half-Mar  pace    5-Mile  pace     10k    pace
Teresa  14:34   7:17   1:39:29   7:36    33:59   6:48    50:31   8:09
Helen   22:42  11:21   2:01:55   9:18    46:05   9:13  1:00:34   9:46
Susan   22:21  11:10   2:09:55   9:55    46:05   9:13  1:11:42  11:34
Liz     19:58   9:59   1:59:12   9:06  1:15:25  15:05  1:00:47   9:48
Frances 22:34  11:17   2:23:33  10:57  1:15:25  15:05  1:12:45  11:44
Linda   21:45  10:53   2:20:18  10:43  1:15:25  15:05  1:20:05  12:55
Pamela  23:09  11:35   2:34:15  11:46  1:15:25  15:05  1:20:05  12:55

Linda was the female stage winner (closest to deck pace) in the Half;
Liz was the female stage winner in the 10k.

TOTAL   Marathon  pace
Teresa  3:18:33   7:35
Helen   4:11:16   9:35
Susan   4:30:03  10:18
Liz     4:35:22  10:31
Frances 5:14:17  12:00
Linda   5:17:33  12:07
Pamela  5:32:54  12:42

Sandcastle City Classic 10k, White Rock, June 8th

It was chilly but the rain managed to hold off - just (while it was pouring on the Sunshine Coast). This was Race #9 in the Timex Series. Larry's fourth place overall finish moves him to fifth place in the current Series rankings, and he continues to lead the M45-49 division. Lexa is currently fifth in the women's 45-49 standings, and Liz is third in the F60-64 division.

34:56  Larry Nightingale   1st M45-49 (4th Overall)
51:53  Lexa Pomfret        8th F45-49

Shaughnessy 8k / BC 8k Road Running Championships, Vancouver, May 25th

Nice temperature for running with the sun only coming out later at the awards ceremony. This is a challenging course with a big climb near the start, a long gradual climb at halfway, and big downhill near the finish. All three club members placed in the BC Championships age groups; plus Larry was 3rd overall and got a cheque for $150. This was also Race #8 in the BC Timex Series.

28:10  Larry Nightingale  1st M45-49 (6th overall)
42:25  Lexa Pomfret       6th F45-49
42:25  Liz Dilasser       3rd F60-64
BC 8k Road Running Championships:
Larry Nightingale   1st Male 45-49, 3rd Overall BC Champion
Lexa Pomfret        2nd Female 45-49
Liz Dilasser        2nd Female 60-64

Larry Liz Lexa
Lots more photos here

Phoenix Mother's Day 5k Spring Classic, Port Moody, May 11th

Conditions were near-perfect for racing, cloudy and calm and about 10 degrees. The sun came out later and warmed us up during the kids runs and awards. This is a fun but challenging course with small 'roller coaster' hills in the first and last 1.5km (paved bike path in the trees) and longer slight inclines in the middle 2km (road). Lots of draw prizes: Liz won socks and Teresa won a bottle of wine! There were 277 finishers. Alex and Maria enjoyed playing with some of the many babies present.

16:59  Larry Nightingale     1st M45-49 (6th Overall)
20:39  Teresa Nightingale    1st F40-44 (5th Overall Female)
24:25  Liz Dilasser          2nd F60-64
24:52  Lexa Pomfret          6th F45-49
33:33  Alex Nightingale     17th M15&U
800m kids run:  Maria Nightingale (no times)

Full results here

Times Colonist 10k, Victoria, April 27th

Larry at the finish line of the TC10k Teresa mid-course at the TC10k

The Nightingales travelled over to the Island for the weekend. Fortunately a friend was able to watch the kids so we could both race (the kids did the 1.5k fun run afterwards). The weather was perfect for racing - light cloud, about 12-15 degrees, no wind. It didn't rain until 11am when we were leaving. The course was scenic but not easy, with gentle ups and downs throughout. The post-race food was excellent: yogourt, milk, fruit, really big chocolate chip cookies and juice.

34:47 Larry Nightingale  2nd M4549 
41:59 Teresa Nightingale 4th F4044

Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run, April 6th

Division Place    Name                   Time
2/6  Men   55-59  Carl Green             1:39:40
1/5  Women 60-64  Liz Dilasser           1:54:30
1/1  Women 65-69  Helen Sabourin         1:59:13
4/11 Women 50-54  Linda Willesen         2:06:47
7/11 Women 50-54  Pamela Knowles         2:26:50
1/1  Men   70+    Arne Tveit-Pettersen   2:56:17

Spring Classic 5k, March 29th, Vancouver

24:53   Liz Dilasser    2nd F6064 
25:53   Lexa Pomfret    8th F4549

Lots more photos here

The River's Spring Run-Off 10k, March 16th, Kamloops

6.  36:11  Larry Nightingale  1st M45-49


The Green Hat Half Marathon, March 15th, Abbotsford

Gun Time  Chip Time  Name                Division Place 
1:56:11    1:55:45   Helen Sabourin      2nd F60-69


St. Patrick's Day 5k, March 15th, Vancouver

Four of us travelled over on the first ferry for this very popular St. Paddy's themed event. The weather was great, no rain this year! There were 675 finishers. We all were very happy with our results, and the Irish Stew, beer, music and party afterwards were terrific. Linda had never run under 30 minutes for 5k before, so this was a huge PB! Crystal was aiming for 22 minutes, so beat her goal by a minute.

Gun Time  Chip Time  Name                Division Place 
 19:55     19:52     Teresa Nightingale  4th F40+ (10th Female)
 21:19     21:01     Crystal Spence      13th F39- PERSONAL BEST
 25:11     24:46     Liz Dilasser        8th F40+
 27:49     27:25     Linda Willesen      21st F40+ PERSONAL BEST

Teresa Crystal Liz Linda


Steveston Ice-Breaker 8k, January 27th, Richmond


Four club members (the Four L's - Larry, Liz, Linda and Lexa!) took part in this race, first in the 2008 Timex Series (Teresa took photos). Snow and ice made footing poor despite the organizers throwing salt onto the path before the start, and it was quite cold as well, so times were slower than expected. Still, it was a nice day with sunshine coming through mid-race and very little wind. There were over 280 finishers.

3rd M4044 28:54 Larry Nightingale
2nd F6064 40:26 Liz Dilasser
6th F4549 41:28 Lexa Pomfret
9th F4549 45:53 Linda Willesen

Lexa Linda Lexa, Linda and Liz


Resolution Run, January 1st, Porpoise Bay Park

resolution run photo

(click photo to enlarge)

First annual fun run/walk went really well, with 23 folks coming out for 1, 2 or 3 loops (1.8k each) in the park. The weather forecast was for windy and rain/snow, but none of that happened and it was really nice all morning and afternoon, with just clouds and calm conditions. Below are the 'unofficial' results (don't have everyone's last name and two boys ran 1 loop unrecorded):

3 loops (5.4k)
 1. 19:45 Shaun Stephens-Whale
 2. 20:20 Larry Nightingale
 3. 26:04 Charles Steemers
 4. 27:00 Carl Green
 5. 29:39 Lexa Pomfret
 6. 37:22 Elisa Jardine (started late)
 7. 37:37 David Bromley
 8. 38:00 Helen Sabourin
 9. 38:04 Barb Watt
10. 39:01 Maria Nightingale*
11. 39:04 Liz Dilasser**
11.=39:04 Teresa Nightingale**
13. 40:20 Pamela Knowles

*  In baby jogger (pushed by Teresa) for 2 laps, then ran lap 3.
** Teresa and Liz ran with Alex Nightingale for 2 laps then with 
   Maria for lap 3. 

2 Loops (3.6k)
 1. 21:54 Alex Nightingale
 2. 26:05 Larry Knowles
 3. 26:06 Peter Corbett
 4. 34:01 Nancy McKay
 5. 42:00 Heather
 6. 42:01 Hannah
 7. 42:25 Laura Smail
 8. 42:26 Lynn